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Friday 6/29/2011
Rode with some fellow retirees from the Seaford area to Crisfield, MD for a lunch ride. From Seaford to Crisfield, about 60 miles. Left Seaford at about 10:10am and rode to Laurel to pick up a couple of guys there and was back on the road at around 10:30am. The route was nothing special, South on 13 to the road into Crisfield. It was hot, but not too bad on the ride down.
   Had lunch at the Crab House? on the main drag into Crisfield and BSed with the guys until about 1:00pm and headed back to Seaford. By now the temps were well into the 90s, even at 60-70 mph it was still really hot, like riding in a blast oven. When we reached the Salisbury bypass it was like a zoo, lots of traffic moving at a pretty good clip. Got home at about 2:30pm, put the bike up, went into the house, pulled on a pair of shorts and collapsed in the recliner. I was done!! I probably won't ride many miles with temps in the 90's any more if I can help it. At this stage of life I gotta get smarter!! Wink

If you are in the Crisfield area and need something to eat, give this place a shot. Biker friendly owner, cute, friendly wait staff and the food is pretty decent. They are located just before the fire department going into Crisfield.

Burt Q

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