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Article Archives
What is Delmarvabikers.com?
 · Delmarvabikers.com is a site dedicated to the local biker scene on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia as well as Delaware. It has always been entended as a NONPARTISAN site. By nonpartisan, we mean that it caters to ALL delmarva area bikers, not just Harley riders, Sport Bike riders, or any other subgroup that rides on two wheels. If it has to do with motorcycles or trikes and is located on delmarva or within an easy days ride, we want to know about it and cover it.
Is Delmarvabikers a nonprofit organization?
 · Strictly speaking, no. The site is designed maintained and most of the content is produced by its owner and operator, stcgservices.com. Ad space is sold at a very reasonable rate to appropriate vendors on a 20 share basis, ie, your banner or ad will appear 1/20th of the times the pages get hit.
Whats with the terrible spelling?
 · The primary writer and photographer for the site, Steven Winslow makes NO apologies for his lack of skills in this area. Several people have made the statement they find it interesting and entertaining, so the descion was made to leave it as is. We have had offers in the past to clean up his work, but so far no one has followed through and actually done anything.
Can I lift pictures off the site for my own use?
 · Within reasonable limits, you sure can! You are welcome to use any material not specifically marked reserved here on your own PERSONAL webpages or profiles AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT AND A LINK TO DELMARVABIKERS.COM. If you are wondering why this policy was changed, please thank all those that would steal hard work and claim credit for it. All links must be to the main page at http://www.delmarvabikers.com. Please join us in supporting a FREE and open internet! (*NOTE* - ALL PICTURES, ARTWORK, VIDEOS, PROGRAMMING AND WEBPAGES ARE SPECIFICALLY COPYRIGHT RESERVED. LIMITED USE MEANS JUST THAT, IF YOU ARE NOT WITHIN OUR GUIDELINES WE CAN AND WILL VIGEROUSLY PROTECT OUR HARD WORK AND INVESTMENT.)
I dont see my event / establishment / club listed how can I get added?
 · Thats an easy one! As long as what you want listed falls into the general theme of local or regional interest to delmarvabikers, we will be more than happy to list you free of charge! Just email your info into Winslow and we will get you up ASAP. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can. If you dont tell us, we wont know and your info wont get listed.
How do I get my event / location / shop covered in an article?
 · All you have to do is send in a request to Winslow and we will see what we can do. Please keep in mind the theme of the site, we have stretched this a little in the past, but as the site gets bigger and more popular it becomes harder and harder to stretch. There are no fees for these articles or picture spreads and our resources sometimes get stretched a bit thin, so please bear with us and be understanding if we are unable to cover you.
Do you publish pictures or articles by outside parties?
 · Maybe. Stcgservices.com reserves the right to refuse or except any and all material submitted to delmarvabikers.com. Any material of a hatefull, derogatory or inflamatory nature will be rejected out of hand. Other material may be excepted as long as it falls within the scope of the site and is in the spirit of the site. Any material sent in becomes the property of stcgservices.com and if published on the site will fall under our free use policy. There are no exceptions made to this policy.
Theres a picture of me on the site that Id like removed. Will you remove it?
 · Yes, assuming you prove to us you are the person or own the bike in the picture in question. No one wants any hard feelings with anyone here at delmarvabikers.com.
Who is in charge of this circus and how do I get ahold of them?
 · Well, the site is owned and operated by stcgservices.com. The head monkey there would be Steven Winslow... You can reach him at winslow@delmarvabikers.com.


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