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0630 - Black Water Ride


0630 - Spur of the moment Black Water ride with Mandy and Bob Wolfe and thier Neice, Larry and his girlfriend Tammy. was a great day to ride, we did a big circle and ended up coming out through Black Water. Had a little scare with Bob winging a deer that poped up out of a field, but otherwise was a perfect riding day! Thanks guys!

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0623 - ABATE Midshore Summer Party!


This year marked a change for Midshore ABATE... Instead of thier normal Labor Day Party, they decided to have it in June on the weekend of the 23rd. Sunrise was able to attend, but I sadly was on call for work. *Sigh* While I did do some bang up OT, it seems like I missed a great event! Good to see ABATE Midshore out there and doing thier thing! I think was a great idea to shake up what was turning into a same ole', same ole' event. Good job guys! Hope I make it next year!

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0617 - Fathers Day / OC Airshow


06/17 - OC Air Show / Fathers Day - Sunrise, Audrey and I did a run down to OC to see the air show... Was kinda slow, but a great day to ride and put some miles out. Thanks girls for a great day out!

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0616 - Brothers at Arms Bike Show


06/16 - Brothers at Arms - Powellville, MD. Was a great day for riding, man did it feel good getting back into the wind! The Brothers at Arms put on a great event, bands, food and lots of great Delmarva bikers coming out for a good cause! Ran into some old biker friends, PJ, Lynda and Trace. GOOD TO SEE YOU GUYS!

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0609 - HD Seaford Open House


06/09 - HD Seaford Open House. Had to restart DMVB somewhere, so why not at the local Harley Dealer's open house? Was a pretty overcast day with lots of random weather, so it was not well attended, but hey, its something...

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