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0901 - Labor Day W/E Ride


09/01/2018 - Did an all day ride to the Union Hotel in port Deposit with some good friends! Mandy was doing the sidecar thing and ended up getting ton of great "action" shots! Thanks Mandy!

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0729 - Tom Walls + Demo Derby


07/28/2018 - Tammy and I checked out the Tom Walls Benefit (Get better soon Rebel!) and then headed up to the DE state fair for the demo Derby! Thanks baby for another great day out! Interesting fact - The DE fair caters to bikers with a seperate parking area right near the entrance! VERY COOL!

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0630 - Black Water Ride


0630 - Spur of the moment Black Water ride with Mandy and Bob Wolfe and thier Neice, Larry and his girlfriend Tammy. was a great day to ride, we did a big circle and ended up coming out through Black Water. Had a little scare with Bob winging a deer that poped up out of a field, but otherwise was a perfect riding day! Thanks guys!

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0623 - ABATE Midshore Summer Party!


This year marked a change for Midshore ABATE... Instead of thier normal Labor Day Party, they decided to have it in June on the weekend of the 23rd. Sunrise was able to attend, but I sadly was on call for work. *Sigh* While I did do some bang up OT, it seems like I missed a great event! Good to see ABATE Midshore out there and doing thier thing! I think was a great idea to shake up what was turning into a same ole', same ole' event. Good job guys! Hope I make it next year!

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0617 - Fathers Day / OC Airshow


06/17 - OC Air Show / Fathers Day - Sunrise, Audrey and I did a run down to OC to see the air show... Was kinda slow, but a great day to ride and put some miles out. Thanks girls for a great day out!

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0616 - Brothers at Arms Bike Show


06/16 - Brothers at Arms - Powellville, MD. Was a great day for riding, man did it feel good getting back into the wind! The Brothers at Arms put on a great event, bands, food and lots of great Delmarva bikers coming out for a good cause! Ran into some old biker friends, PJ, Lynda and Trace. GOOD TO SEE YOU GUYS!

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0609 - HD Seaford Open House


06/09 - HD Seaford Open House. Had to restart DMVB somewhere, so why not at the local Harley Dealer's open house? Was a pretty overcast day with lots of random weather, so it was not well attended, but hey, its something...

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